Simple and Budget-Friendly Ways to Get to Sleep

The inability to sleep is a serious matter for anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Poor sleep can have a number of serious effects on your health, threaten your hormones and brain function, and can lead to weight gain and leave you vulnerable to illness. People who find themselves in such a situation often turn to sedatives and pharmacological solutions for help, even though there are many low-cost/no-cost remedies available. Consider the following tips if you’re looking for an affordable and natural way to get to sleep.

Circadian Rhythms
Try using your body’s natural clock, known as the circadian rhythm, to get back into a natural sleeping pattern. Get plenty of natural light throughout the day, which alerts the body to the fact that it’s time to be awake and alert. Getting plenty of natural light improves sleep quality and helps you get to sleep faster. Keep your shades open during the day if you can’t get outside. Or, if you live in a dark, overcast environment, consider investing in a light box, which can be purchased online for less than $40. Check online for savings and cashback offers from retailers like Amazon, which should make it affordable to buy one for you and another for your child.

Natural Supplement
You can also use melatonin, the sleep hormone which tells your brain when it’s time for sleep, to deal with insomnia. Studies have shown that melatonin users have greater energy and are able to get to sleep faster than those who don’t use the supplement, with no withdrawal symptoms or negative after-effects. A full supply of melatonin is an inexpensive response to insomnia and other sleep disorders. Watching online for in-store ads and coupons for stores such as Walmart can get you a full supply of melatonin for less than $10.

Mental Disciplines
Yoga and meditation are also known to be helpful in showing people how to relax, wind down, and get to sleep without difficulty. These are contemplative disciplines that help focus the brain and ease it back into a natural sleeping/waking pattern. Yoga offers the dual benefit of muscle and joint flexibility, thereby reducing or eliminating pain, which could keep you from getting to sleep. Yoga mattresses, white noise machines, and soft lighting are easily affordable if you looking for special offers and get cash back for retailers like Target.

A Conducive Sleep Environment
A soothing and restful sleep environment is one of the most important factors for healthy sleep. Make certain that you or your child’s bedroom is completely dark and that no screens (computer, TV, tablet, or smartphone) are left on in the bedroom. Exposure to blue light emissions from screens can trick the brain into believing that it’s time to wake up. An old, worn-out mattress can also make it difficult to sleep, so consider looking for a new one if yours is lumpy, uneven, or has become a haven for mites and bed bugs. To mitigate the cost of a new mattress, watch for savings options on cost-cutting sites such as RetailMeNot.

Practice Sleep-Friendly Habits
Oftentimes, people who struggle to get to sleep at night can improve the situation simply by using common sense. That means avoiding caffeine or alcohol at night, reducing or eliminating daytime napping, and maintaining a consistent bedtime routine.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health, and it’s not something to trifle with, particularly for young people. Fortunately, there are many natural and inexpensive ways to get to sleep if you’re suffering from a sleep disorder. Stick to a regular bedtime, avoid stimulants at night, and take steps to maintain a sleep space that’s conducive to restful sleep.

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