Traveling With Kids Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful: Ideas for Making Family Trips Smooth

Kids get bored easily, so it’s no surprise when they act up while traveling, making a racket in the backseat of the car or while wandering around the airport. That’s bound to test your patience if you’re hitting the road this holiday season.

You can take the stress out of the experience by planning some measures that keep the little ones quiet, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The secret is to keep them happily occupied. Here are a few tricks that’ll get the job done.

Bring Snacks

Boredom isn’t the only thing that causes them distress. A rumbling tummy does the same, so pack some nibbles that don’t make a mess. Super Healthy Kids has plenty of healthy options to choose from, as packing the kids full of sugar and fat would cause more problems than it solves. Muffins, dried fruit and cheese sticks are on the menu.

Pack Busy Bags

These are basically just backpacks full of hands-on activities to keep your kids busy as the miles fly by. What you put in them depends on your children’s ages and tastes, though books, word searches and crossword puzzles are common additions. Some parents throw in arts and crafts activities, though others caution against glue and glitter, as you can see how that could end in a mess.

Get Them Coloring

Hours. That’s how long they’ll likely spend with crayons in hand, working diligently on books filled with animals, monsters and superheroes. What you may not know about are the educational options available that’ll teach the little ones about famous female historical figures or the worldwide wonders of architecture.

Watch a Movie

This requires no effort at all on your part, other than choosing something to download. What what should that be? has 15 recommendations for you, and that’s almost enough to get across the country. Among her picks are some new additions to the list of kids’ classics, such as Big Hero 6 and Lego Movie.

Make Pit Stops

But where? You could just pull into a rest area for a quick bathroom break and a breath of fresh air, although there could be something more enticing available not far from the highway if you know where to look. Check along your route before you head off to find a miniature golf park or farmers market if you want to have some real fun.

Play Games

There are quite a few that’ll get everyone involved in the fun. The Name Game makes the time fly by: the first player says a name, like Lisa, and the next in line joins in with one that begins with the last letter of that name, so Angela, for example. You could do the same with foods, household objects or cities and states if your kid’s a geography whizz.

Put on Some Music

Gangster rap is probably not the best soundtrack with kids in the car, but don’t put on music that drives you nuts. Full of It gets your playlist started with 15 songs that all ages can jam to, and the list includes such stellar standouts as Gary Numan’s Cars and The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

Let Them Nap

Your child will have an easier time sleeping if you throw some pillows and blankets in the back seat. That could be just the peace and quiet you need after all the fun you’ve had playing games and listening to music. Have a drink of water or juice ready for when they wake up, as well as another activity to keep them busy.

These tips should make for easy traveling. Also keep in mind that you’re allowed to take a break from the kids with an adult getaway once you’ve reached your destination. When going that route, be sure to find a reliable and trustworthy babysitter for the little ones, which can be done online to save time and stress.

Happy trails!

Image via Pixabay.

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